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You Wanted the Best, You Got the Best!!

Since 2006, MAZALGUITARS has become the leading exclusive guitar shop in midEuropean region. The site is updated frequently with new products, special deals and events. Read on to learn more about us.

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Companies That Know Music

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Setting Us Apart

MAZALGUITARS was founded on the idea of providing quality musical equipment and accessories to people and businesses that needed it. We chose the best and most reputable brands to begin with, including the prestigious brand Waves and we’ve never looked back. Let us know what type of instrument you’re looking for or simply stop by the store to see what we’ve got waiting for you.



The Best Classic Heavy Metal Guitar Brand

The company started making electric guitars in the 1970s. In the following decade B.C. Rich gained a broad exposure with the popularity of heavy metal and has often been linked to that music scene.  By working only with the most reputable brands and supplying the best quality products available in the music industry, we guarantee our clients’ satisfaction. Let us know what brand interests you most or stop by to learn the differences and find the most suitable instrument for your needs.



The Spirit of Rock'n'Roll


DEAN GUITARS is committed to producing the finest guitars in the world. Dean electric guitars, acoustic guitars, basses and other musical instruments are built following the highest standards in the industry.

From beginners to the most influential artists in the world, our instruments are the #1 choice for guitarists around the globe. From beginner guitars, high-quality affordable import guitars, as well as the best USA built guitars in the biz. Dean Guitars makes a GUITAR THAT IS FOR YOU.



New Spirit of Modern Metal

The USA Custom DUNABLE is a fancy new name for the one thing they have done from the start, which is build customizable instruments  in Los Angeles USA. As they are starting to flirt with more mass production, it just seemed time to make some kind of distinction.


Companies That Know Music

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Solid-body electric guitar revolution

Fender Stratocaster really deserves a top spot on the list when it comes to electric guitars for rock. This is the company that led the solid-body electric guitar revolution. The Broadcaster, later renamed the Telecaster, was the first widely produced solid-body electric guitar

The Stratocaster soon followed and went on to become one of the most iconic guitars in music in the hands of players like Buddy Holly, Jimi Hendrix, and Eric Clapton. Over the years the Strat has been modded, altered and improved, and has influenced many other guitars currently on the market.

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The Spirit of Bass Guitar

Spector is a guitar manufacturing company. It has been based in Woodstock, New York since 1987

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The Best Classic Rock Guitar Brand

Gibson, the company responsible for one of the best guitar brands of all time: The Les Paul. This is an instrument born in the early 1950s, but Gibson had been making amazing acoustic and hollow-body electric guitars long before that.

Today, the Les Paul comes in many forms, from extremely expensive Custom models to more affordable Studio versions and everywhere in between. The flagship of the lineup is the Standard, the classic instrument synonymous with guitar greats like Slash, Jimmy Page, and Billy Gibbons.

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The Spirit of Van Halen

The Peavey HP 2® is constructed with leading-edge technology, traditional handcrafted methods, professional-quality upgrades and customizations. When a guitar bears the initials of Peavey founder and CEO Hartley Peavey, players can expect an iconic design with its own unique flair.

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